Born and raised in the Netherlands, Suzanne Lustig studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague before finding her calling as an artist, gradually allowing illustrations to take centre stage in her work.

Relocating to New Zealand in 2016, the move to the Land of the Long White Cloud was a manifestation of her adventurous spirit. Her desire to explore and discover new dimensions is not only evident in her personal life but also deeply ingrained in her artistic approach.

“I love working with materials that are less malleable like Indian ink and oil pastels. They resist easy manipulation, forcing me to negotiate, adapt, and discover unexpected paths. The tactile effect of the medium allows me to build depth and texture, creating rich details”





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Suzanne Lustig about
Suzanne Lustig artist workspace with oil pastels

Nature, a perpetual muse, plays a pivotal role in Suzanne’s creations. New Zealand’s breath-taking landscapes are an endless source of inspiration, and her frequent hikes through hobbit-like forests provide a rich source of material. She loves getting lost in the woods to forage for mushrooms, they are a recurring motif in her work.

“My creative process is fueled by a blend of books, nature, daydreams, and the everlasting mystery of locating my paintbrush.”



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